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ELVIRA RAHAYU, S.H., graduated from Andalas University, and joined post graduate program of law of Tarumanagara University and started her legal practice at end of 1997 as well as has experiences in legal practice with other lawyers and advocates. In early 2001 she established RAHAYU & PARTNERS together with Marine Law and International Transportation Consultant from the Netherlands. After changing the management of Rahayu & Partners in 2005, Elvira has developed Rahayu & Partners with local lawyers as her associates. As founder and Senior Partner of Rahayu and Partners, she is responsible for supervision and coordination of all works which Rahayu & Partners handles, in addition to providing direct advices and assistances for the Clients.

She has experience in assisting clients of varying background whether individuals, local, foreign, as well as multinational companies. She specializes herself in all aspects of corporate law, labor, renewable energy particularly in respect of hydro power plant, industry, plantation, transportation, international trade, family law, litigation, both civil and criminal, and non-litigation (extra judicial).

Dra. AIDA SUTANTO, S.H., is a legal consultant for Banking, Finance and Real Estate. She graduates from the Faculty of Economics of Trisakti University and Faculty of Law of Tarumanagara University, and joined master program of law in Tarumanagara University. She started her carrier in Banking Sector, and she has experience as a banker in a number of banks in Indonesia and overseas for 16 years, with the last position as Senior Vice President of a foreign Bank in Indonesia. In addition, she also has experience as entrepreneur in export, import and property sectors.

MARISSA KEMALA DIRGANTINI, S.H., shall be the alumni of Faculty of Laws of University of Bhayangkara Jakarta Raya. The latter shall be the experienced advocate in the sector of litigation and joined in the military advocacy team in Pontianak and Bogor for two years.